The Wonders of Female Strength

by Bicycle Face

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All proceeds from the sale of this album go to Friends Ugandan Safe Transport, a non-profit based out of Olympia Friends Meeting that helps persecuted LGBT Ugandans flee the country. Check out for more information. When donating, please consider that bandcamp and paypal take about 20%. Feel free to make a small donation here and a larger donation through the FUST website to pay for the album.

The members of Bicycle Face acknowledge that much of the persecution of LGBT Ugandans comes directly from the impact of western imperialsim on countries in the global south. We do not see our donation as "charity," but as an acknowledgement that the privileges that we enjoy as queers in the United States is built upon the suffering of others. This is an attempt to rectify a small amount of the harm that we do as westerners.

So far, the proceeds from this album have helped 3 people escape from Uganda! Your donation makes a difference!


released March 15, 2016

Bicycle Face is:
Hollis Proffitt: vox
Roxanne Rappaport: banjo & vox
Evan Farnsworth: ukulele & vox

Lyrics by Hollis & Roxanne, with help from:
Adhamh Roland, Sarabel, Cims, Kelly, Winter, & Elona



all rights reserved


Bicycle Face Seattle, Washington

Back when bicycles were first invented, doctors told women that if they raced on their bicycles, their face would get stuck in a strained-looking, bulgy-eyed mess. Thankfully, we have disproved this theory, and our bicycle faces are all smiles!
Bicycle Face is a musical project by Lichen & Evan. We believe that it's important to teach history so that children know that they can change the future!
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Track Name: Home
Well you’ll find home on the forest floor
and you’ll find home in the branches
And you’ll find home in a big canoe
and fall asleep on your haunches
Well you could make your home in a chrysalis
and wake up a butterfly
Or you could live in the desert sands
under the starry midnight sky

Well you could go to bed with the setting sun,
Be at home when it rises
You’d find dew on the leaves of the plants
and all sorts of other surprises
Well you can grow your garden big
and you can grow your garden tall
Cause if you grow your garden right,
you’ll have plants from the spring into the fall

Well you can live in a big ol house
With all sorts of people around you
Or you could live in a place so rural
That nobody ever could find you
Well you could build your house of straw
And you could build your house of clay
Cause if you build your house real strong
No big bad wolf can blow it away

Well there’s the home that lies before you
And the home you left behind you
And the home that’s all around you
And the home that lives inside you
This place is a home for you
But it’s home for other plants and animals too
If you learn to respect your home
You know you’ll never wander alone

Home is where you run and play
Home is where you spend your day
Home is where you rest your head
Home is where you make your bed
Home is how your body feels
Home is where you eat your meals
All throughout Cascadia
Home is just a place you love
Track Name: George Fox Song
There's a Light that was shining
when the world began,
And a Light that is shining in the heart of man:
And a Light that is shining, friend,
in me and in you.
So let your light shine in all that you do!

With a book and a steeple and a bell and a key
They would bind it forever but
they can’t! said he.
O, the book, it will perish, and the steeple will fall,
But the Light will be shining at the end of it all.

"If we give you a pistol,
will you fight for the Lord?"
"But you can't kill the devil with a gun or a sword."
"Will you swear on the Bible?"
I will not," said he,
"For the truth is more holy than the Book to me."

There's an ocean of darkness
and I drown in the night
Till I came through the darkness
to the ocean of Light;
You can lock me in prison
but the Light will be free.
And I'll walk in the glory of the Light, said he.

Walk in the Light, wherever you may be!
Walk in the Light, wherever you may be!
In my old leather breeches and
my shaggy, shaggy locks,
I am walking in the glory of the Light, said Fox.
Track Name: Hope the Gender Variant Chicken
Well if you visit Santa Cruz you'll find Autumn working hard
Taking care of chickens in her own backyard
There's Dusty, Curtis, Chester, Birdy Girdy and Begonia
And Leslie, Logan, Cluckles, Andrea and Vidalia
But the most special one of all I have yet to mention
Their name is Hope, a gender variant chicken
Hope took the parts of gender that they liked best
And added some of this and that and took out all the rest

They've got a comb like a rooster
And some masculine spurs
But they lay eggs like a chicken
And nest like a girl
Some people think that gender's only blue or pink
But even barnyard creatures think that idea really stinks

You can wear a dress and play machines all day
Or wear Carhartts and boots
While ya do ballet
And if people don't like the clothes that you're pickin
Just tell em bout Hope, the gender variant chicken!

They've got a comb like a rooster
And some masculine spurs
But they lay eggs like a chicken
And nest like a girl
Hope took the parts of gender
That they liked best
And added some of this and that and took out all the rest
Track Name: Otter Song
We’re gonna go swimming in the river
Swimmin in the river
Swimmin in the river
Oh we’re gonna go swimmin in the river
You and me my otter

We’re gonna eat shellfish on our bellies…
We’re gonna ride with the top down…
I don't care if you got a hairy butt…
I love you and all of your belly…
I love me and my belly too...
We’re gonna fall asleep holding hands…
We’re gonna make pancakes in the morning…
We’re gonna eat pancakes on our bellies…
Track Name: Banana Slug Taxi
Banana slug taxi
Is goin real slow
Banana slug taxi
Has no windows
If you want a ride
That's slimy and moist
Banana slug taxi
Should be your first choice

Well old Mr. Spittlebug
Planned a jewel heist
He got all the tools
And chose a disguise
Banana slug taxi
Was his getaway plan
He couldn't afford
A creepy black van

Banana slug taxi
Left a clear shiny trail
Which might lead you to think
That this wouldn't end well
But the flea police
Were down on their luck
The more they pursued them
The more they got Stuck!!!

The spittlebug foamed
In bedazzled delight
As banana slug taxi
Slimed off into the night

banana slug taxi
Although he had tried
Just wasn't cut out
To be Bonnie or Clyde
Could his business survive?
The answer was...nope.
Went back to his old job
Sealing envelopes
Track Name: Bearded Lady
Well Holly was a schnauzer
A little grey dog with a beard
And she noticed something that she thought was kinda weird
When she'd go out with her humans people thought she was a boy
These humans had some strange ideas
And she was quite annoyed

I've got a human friend
With some hairs upon her face
When most folks look at her they say her beard is out of place
Some said her beard was ugly and they told her she should shave
But her facial hair was part of her
And she was quite outraged!
She says I'm wearing bright red lipstick
Gold boots and spiky heels
I like the way that my beard looks
I like the way it feels
Having facial hair does not make me any less of a woman
Why you think you can tell me who I am, I find that quite confusin

Cuz mother walruses with whiskers
Nurse their babies in the sea
And girl mountain goats with facial hair
Are living wild and free
You tell me that my gender's wrong
Your constructs are just lazy!
Just because I have a beard
It doesn't mean I'm not a lady!
Track Name: Airstrip Timber Sale
Well the world is big and beautiful
Too beautiful to waste
On petty arguments about our egos
So I am gonna sit here and savor the waste
That the tree selflessly gives unto me

Well I can see a sunset that's too beautiful for words
From my perch up in this tree!
And my heart begins to ache when I remember
that it's a byproduct of smog and industry

And the open patch of sky from the clearcut nearby
Makes the full moon much easier to see
And we encourage struggling salplings
To not give up hope
In this barren land where a forest used to be

And the weather outside on this clear October night
Is just a little bit too warm
But we bear our naked skin
Throwing caution to the wind
Trying not to think of ice caps or tropical storms

Now it's been three years since we were sitting in these woods
And that forest is just a charred memory
But the fiddleheads unfurling remind me that I'm always learning
That there is beauty to be found in life’s incredible tenacity

If there's one thing that scares me it's the way that I feel
When I can't see beauty
Beauty in myself or beauty in the world or beauty in anything
So scare me, scare me, beauty!
But let me know you're still alive
But let me know when things get ugly
So I can continue the fight to defend this land that I love

Well the world is big and beautiful too beautiful to waste
On feeling sorry for our sorry selves,
So I am gonna sit here and savor the waste that the tree selflessly gives up to me
Track Name: Celilo Falls
Can you see the great and mighty falls in your imagination
The salmon rode the rolling tides and fed indigenous nations
But greedy men from other lands poured concrete through their river
And killed the life they once had known
The story makes me shiver

Celilo Falls was the great place where they all came together
To talk and work and gamble
Trade canoes and flicker feathers
When salmon came in early fall folks came from far and wide
To celebrate the fish that kept their communities alive

But them white people took the land where native nations once had thrived
But promised them the salmon and life by the riverside
But soon they wanted to build a dam, a giant concrete wall
But this would kill the salmon, and drown Celilo Falls!

People from all colors, creeds, and nations joined the fight
They didn’t have to be native to see this wasn’t right
The native people fought the law and desperately they pled
They won a lot of sympathy, but this is what the US courts said:
“We made a promise but you people did misunderstand
You can have the salmon but you cannot have the land!”

The Wishram had to move their dead, sacred objects and their homes
The dam it started working, and with a mighty groan
Celilo Falls just dissapeared, entombed under the water
The people cried, they had no hope
For their sons or for their daughters

Can you see the great and mighty falls in your imagination
The salmon rode the rolling tides and fed indigenous nations
But greedy men from other lands poured concrete through their river
And killed the life they once had known
The story makes me shiver
Track Name: Wildflowers
The hills were alive with wildflowers
And I was as wild, even wilder than they
For at least I could run, they just died in the sun
And I refused to just wither in place

Just a wild mountain rose, needing freedom to grow
So I ran fearing not where I'd go
When a flower grows wild, it can always survive
Wildflowers don't care where they grow

And the flowers I knew in the fields where I grew
Were content to be lost in the crowd
They were common and close, I had no room for growth
I wanted so much to branch out

I uprooted myself from home ground and left
Took my dreams and I took to the road
When a flower grows wild, it can always survive
Wildflowers don't care where they grow

I grew up fast and wild and I never felt right
In a garden so different from me
I just never belonged, I just longed to be gone
So the garden, one day, set me free

Hitched a ride with the wind and since she was my friend
I just let her decide where we'd go
When a flower grows wild, it can always survive
Wildflowers don't care where they grow
Track Name: Families
When my mom had me
I didn't have a dad
But she had a couple friends that she thought were pretty rad
Now we all live together in a big purple house
And they're all my folks although nobody has a spouse

Although my dads are great and can't be beat
When my momma comes to see us it's a real special treat
She wanted to find people who could take good care of me
And now I am a part of a bigger family

Well golly gee, I sure do feel lucky
That both my moms got to help out
When they made made
I've been so proud since I was a baby
That one of my moms is a transgender lady

Well there's just one of me
And just one of him
But I couldn't have picked a better dad or friend
It doesn't matter if your family is big or small
My daddy's been my biggest fan since I could crawl

Though they tried real hard to make it work at first
My parents thought it would be better if they got a divorce
Although my parents don't get along
Their love for me is really strong!

Though my mom is stellar and my dad's lovely
There are so many kids and grown-up here that care about me
We can wander round our land without getting into trouble
Cause if there's any danger they'll be there on the double


Families come
In all shapes and sizes
If we're going to get along what we need to realize is
There are lots of different ways
For us to care for one another
All that really matters is that we love each other
Track Name: Lucretia, We Need Ya!
Lucretia learned from a young age that slavery was wrong
That all genders and races are equal and should learn to get along
She said no slave made sugar, or cotton would she buy
For itchy wool and bitter tea would suit her needs just fine
She thought that education was where she could make a change
But when she saw her paycheck she became quite enraged!
She said I’m just as good a teacher, And just as apt a scholar
But still I’m making 33 cents for every man’s freakin’ dollar!

She traveled all the way to England for the world anti-slavery convention
Men said sorry that you came so far, guess we forgot to mention
Women aren’t allowed to speak or vote, you just aren’t as bright, we’re certain
So won’t you kindly join your sisters right here behind this curtain
Lucretia was outraged, and to her neighbor she started rantin’
It turned out sitting next to her was Elizabeth Cady Stanton!
The two became the fastest friends and thought something must be done!
Women’s oppression is wrong, not to mention not much fun!

The women’s movement had no voice, and no cohesive vision
How can we have a movement if we don’t have a mission?
1848 was the year that all would change
For Lucretia and Elizabeth decided to arrange
A conference for women’s rights, which they planned in just 10 days
But the Seneca Falls Convention would be remembered always!

After two long days of careful deliberation
They all had come together with a powerful declaration!
They said “We’re sick of husbands taking all our cash and property
Having power over our future and deciding our destiny
After we are married we want to right to work and education
We don’t want to be dependents without self-determination
If we decide to leave our husbands we want our children and our stuff
And we want to vote to change these laws, cause we have had enough!

Lucretia, we need ya! In our fight for women’s rights
For you always taught us to speak our truth and follow our light!
Lucretia, a preecha, speakin out against slavery
Cause if one of us is in bondage, then no one can be free!
Track Name: Charlotte's Umbrella
Her name was Charlotte Smith
And she really had it in
For men who would walk around
Just acting like they owned the town
And if they would see a girl
They would be mean to her
Sayin women shouldn’t leave their homes
Without a chaperone

And she said...
Didn't your mama teach you better
Than to put women in danger?
I don't know who taught you
That that was an OK thing to do
Women face enough discrimination
And they don't need your condemnation
And to make her point clear
She would just whack em with her umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
She’d hit him with her Umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
She broke 5,000 umbrellas ellas ellas eh eh eh
Watch out for her umbrella ella ella eh eh eh

Charlotte stood in solidarity
With women working in factories
Who had to work 15 hour days
And got very little pay
She couldn't work for the government
But she still made a fit
And helped pass over 50 laws
To make working conditions better for all

And she said...
Women are in this together
We been fighting this fight forever
Don't you know it's now or never
Now it's raining harder than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
If we stand under the same umbrella
If we stand under the same umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
Together under one umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
United under one umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
Together under one umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
United under one umbrella, ella, ella, eh eh eh
Track Name: Grown-Ups Are H8ers
When I grow up I don’t want to forget
the feeling of running down the sidewalk.
marshmallow bows and arrows
and the salty taste of playdough.

I don’t want to play by your rules!
No gods, no masters, and no school.

When I dress up it’s sparkly and fun
And I go to tea parties with unicorns!
When you get dressed up to go to work, it doesn’t seem great.
Why would you spend so much time doing something you hate?

Don’t tell me you get much wiser
Automatically as you grow older.
‘Cause I’ve seen the world and it seems to me
Most grown ups are haters who are unhappy.

I’ve had enough of your tall tales!
No laws, no money, and no jail!
Track Name: Pants! The Mini Musical
Hollis:If you were a woman back in 1892
There'd be a lotta things you couldn't do
You always had to work and clean
And you couldn't leave your husband if he was mean
And you definitely couldn't speak your point of view
You couldn't really work or play or even exercise
When you're living in a man's world and you're not one of the guys
But the weirdest thing girls couldn't do
From cascadia to France
Is they could never ever never ever never never wear pants!
Evan:They couldn't wear pants??
Hollis:No! They definitely could not wear pants!!
Evan:Well if they didn't wear pants, what did they wear?
Hollis:What did they wear? What did they wear? Well first of all, they had to wear like 20 pounds of underwear!!
First there was the corset, laced really really tight
If you couldn't really breathe
They'd say it fit just right
Then you'd have to wear ten petticoats
When it would rain they would get soaked
You would drink tea and play croquet
In boobie boosting bustiers
It was awful hard to get around
With all these heavy clothes
It made it really easy to keep women in the home
Wow...that sounds awful.
It was awful! But don't worry! The story gets a lot better.
Great! What happens next?
Someone invents the bicycle!
Evan & Roxanne: YAY!!!
Hollis:Women couldn't really ride with all those extra clothes
So the petticoats got lighter and the corset had to go
But oh what an embarrassment
When you were riding by
And your petticoat got caught and over handlebars you'd fly
Evan & Roxanne: OH NO!!!
Hollis: In 1895 Ethel dermont thought of a solution
"I'll wear some bloomers!" she said with a determined absolution
They look a lot like pants,
They'd been around for 50 years
But people said that women wearin pants was kinda queer!
March 25th was the day she took her fateful ride
The people of Victoria were truly scandalized!!
Evan (as a Townsperson): Oh what a scandal
Oh what a sight
Parading in her underwear in broad daylight
Was that a touch of ankle
Was that a bit of skin
These infernal garments are such a horrible sin!
Us women are the weaker sex
Prone to moral failing
With our scandalous skin and bosoms
The men we all are baiting
Our petticoats protect us from the men who might accost us
By the time they reach the fourth ore fifth I'm afraid they might have lost us
Not like those peddling harlots
Who coast freely tempting fate
Who say feel my muscle
To try and find a date
Hollis: The police sprung in to action! Women's freedom they detested
Roxanne (as Policeman): You wear that bloomer suit again, you'll surely be arrested!
Til today we had only heard rumors
Of these mannish, ugly bloomers!
We can't have you go around dressing like men
It's the devil’s work! It's a preposterous sin!
If we let this one go
Next thing we know
Women will go dancing at the vaudeville show!
They'll abandon their husbands
Leave their children to the state
Serve instant mashed potatoes on our dinner plates
They'll turn in to witches
They'll squander our riches
On each other they’ll dote
They'll even want to vote!!
Evan (as Townsperson): NOOOOOO!!!!!
Hollis (as Ethel): Have you nothing better to do than harass me while I'm out
I don't understand what all this kerfuffle is about!
Why is it that a strong women is what men fear?
We all deserve to share the right to wear pants upon on our rear
And if you think that what I'm wearing now is really crude
Well just you wait, in 100 years Victorians will be cycling in the nude!
(Once a year at the World Naked Bike Ride!)
I’ll turn my bike around, yes you cops have won today
But the wheels of change are coming and I'm here to lead the way
We can be good wives and mothers if we choose that life to spend
But a woman should not be defined by her relationship to men
Hollis: The news spread far and wide
of Ethel's groundbreaking bike ride
And the people agreed
That those rules were just silly
So now we can wear pants
Without thinking twice
So don't forget this story the next time you ride your bike!
Evan: Wait, wait, wait! It might be OK for cis women to wear pants, but what about trans women, or other people who want to wear dresses without getting harassed or made fun of??
Hollis: Oh yeah! You’re right! I guess we should say...progress is like a tandem bike that’s going kind of slow, it’s hard to work together but it’s the only way to go!
Track Name: Daisy Bell
There is a flower within my heart
Daisy, Daisy!
Flounted one day by a dancing dart
Flounted by Daisy Bell!
Whether she loves me or loves me not
Sometimes it’s hard to tell…
Yet I am longing to share the lot with my beautiful Daisy Bell!

I will stand by you in wheel or no
Daisy, Daisy!
You’ll be the bell which I’ll ring, you know
My sweet little Daisy Bell
You’ll take the lead in each trip we take
And if I don't do well
I will permit you to use the brake
My sweet little Daisy Bell

Daisy, Daisy! Give me your answer do
Your love slays me, my love for you is true!
It won't be a stylish marriage
I can't afford a carriage
But you'll look sweet Upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two!